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What is SEO

What IS SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the science of marketing your website and making it visible online. It is an essential strategy for targeting the right audience, staying ahead of your competitors and achieving good results in the major search engines and social media platforms. At the end of the day, a good website is only worth something if it can be found!

'A design is not finished until someone is using it'  BRENDA LAUREL

SEO & Marketing

SEO and marketing are an integral part of our design process. To obtain online success, a website not only needs to be promoted but built correctly in the first place. This consists of good market research and compiling high quality web pages to increase organic traffic and achieve high ranking positions.

'Content is king, but marketing is queen and runs the household'  GARY VAYNERCHUCK

SEO is not an exact science and as the internet continues to evolve, so does SEO. Rules and algorithms often change, nothing is static and guaranteed. Better content is key, and a good solid technical backbone to your site that complies with current SEO guidelines will stand you in good stead.

These days it is quality that counts. So, first and foremost we design for the user. The ultimate goal is to increase leads and sales through targeted traffic. The better the user experience, the more relevant and engaging the content, the better the site performs and ranks.

The marketing impact of social media cannot be ignored. Search engines crawl social media so valuable content here will not only boost your online presence but drive traffic to your site. Social media platforms are also themselves search engines allowing you to target your audience and achieve SEO objectives. Social media and SEO work together to boost your site's domain authority, increase backlinks and improve organic rankings.

Targeted Keyword Research

Establishing the best keywords and keyword phrase to attract you target audience is the basis of all SEO. We do the research for you and pinpoint the most relevant keywords for your business to get it noticed online. These keywords are strategically incorporated into your site and social media to become the fabric of your website.

On-site Optimisation

This is maximising everything on the site to its full SEO potential within current regulations and algorithms. It is about enabling the search engines spiders to crawl your site efficiently, recognise and validate its importance for the targeted keywords. This includes...

  •  · Title tags, headers, meta descriptions and quality body content.
  •  · Prioritising mobile compatibility
  •  · XML Sitemap
  •  · Internal page linking
  •  · Fast load times and image optimisation

Off-site Strategies

Once everything on-site is set up and fully tested we establish what is required externally for your site and business to further promote your online presence.

This includes integrating social media, local search engine listings, backlinks, blogs, forums etc. The list goes on, but it is all about quality and relevance rather than quantity. This is an ongoing strategy that we can guide you through to help keep your website current and thriving.

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'SEO is a noun, adjective and a verb.'  Todd Malicoat

Do you already have a website? Is it not performing to your expectations? Are you not getting the traffic and leads you want?

For the best results, we believe SEO should be incorporated at design stage, however, it is never too late to make a difference. By running a series of 'health checks' on your website we can find out if there are any errors in your coding and recommend changes to maximise your website's potential.

The internet today is highly competitive. SEO never rests and neither will your competition. To insure you remain one step ahead we can also offer a maintenance service for your business that uses the latest search engine technology to keep your website at the top where it belongs. So wait no longer, give us a call today at to increase your visitors and conversion rates.

'Great things are not done on impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.'  VAN GOGH

So let's make a start and get in touch today for a quote